John Wilson - Host of Team Trohy Quest

Hunting Safaris in South Africa with Marvel Africa is about presenting Africa the way it is, and should be, a mysterious but amazing continent with an abundance of wildlife.

Hunting has fascinated man through the ages. Ancient man hunted for food and clothing and the natural instinct carried through the ages and is still within you. The dark and mysterious continent is still home to millions of hooves finding their way to the waterhole after a warm day and predators tracking their pray!

Whether you are hunting for Big Five or Plains game, a safari in South Africa with Marvel Africa Safaris will be full of experiences you will never forget.


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South African Hunting with Marvel Africa Safaris

Marvel Africa caters for every hunting preference, would it be bow, rifle, black powder or a handgun, traditional or modern we will accommodate your natural instinct to hunt. With our professional staff guiding you on your hunting safari in South Africa all of them qualified professional hunters and guides will ensure that you have the most memorable experience. Walking and stalking or hunting from stands, all hunting is done in an ethical manner and with the utmost respect for nature.


We are proud that one of our Members also appears on the Outdoor Channels Trophy Quest Shows,
Salome the wife of Outfitter Marcel de Villiers has earned her official membership of  "Team Trophy Quest"

Enjoying nature whilst getting in touch with your inner hunter.


TQ PH Salome's Hunts you would have seen on Outdoor Channel



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Custom Hunting Safaris

On our custom African hunting safaris we charge a daily rate and then an additional cost per trophy animal taken. The duration of the safari as well as the number of trophies taken is at the discretion of the hunter.

Hunting Packages

Our South African hunting packages contain no hidden costs. The only safari related cost which it does not include is the dipping, packing and shipping(to your home country) of trophies as well as taxidermy work.

Big Five

Hunting for the Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino or Elephant is the most exciting and challenging hunts in Africa. Big Five Hunting Safaris are conducted primarily in South Africa but we also venture to Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Plains Game Hunts

Plains game hunts are offered in various concession areas in four varied regions in South Africa. A large diversity of different plains game species and packages are on offer. We can also customise a package to your needs.